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From the moment they step through your door, your patients place themselves in your hands and rely on your medical expertise. Yet medical care isn’t delivered in isolation. To provide timely and effective medical service, your organisation needs intelligent back-office systems and technology.

Key services

  • Patient Workflow Management 2

    Patient Workflow Management

    A one-button document management solution that lets you quickly and easily digitise medical information.

  • eRecord Mobile 2

    eRecord Mobile

    A fast, accurate and secure way to capture and share vital patient image information.

  • eRecord Connect 2

    eRecord Connect

    A one-button document management solution that lets you quickly and easily digitise medical information.

Technology solutions that let you focus on your patients

Ricoh is here to help you streamline your administrative processes, improve access to information and release medical resources currently occupied with administration to front-line care.

We have extensive experience working with the healthcare sector around the world, and have designed services and solutions to meet your evolving needs. Our healthcare solutions are tailored for each environment and focus on taking the pressure off administrative duties.

Our technology solutions will help you automate processes like new patient registration and let you capture vital medical information on the fly. We will help ensure that key systems are connected and cut through the complexities behind your medical data processes.

Related Case Studies

  • USP & QUIRON Hospital Group

    USP & QUIRON Hospital Group

    Ricoh's eRecord Connect helps hospital group improve patient care with migration from paper-based processes.

  • Vlietland Hospital

    Vlietland Hospital

    Ricoh's eRecord Connect helps Vlietland Hospital improve patient care with digitisation of patient records.

  • Nij Smellinghe

    Nij Smellinghe

    Ricoh helps Ziekenhuis Nij Smellinghe reduce time spent on administration tasks and save costs with eRecord Connect.

  • Mathias-Spital Rheine

    Mathias-Spital Rheine

    Ricoh's G700SE digital cameras have helped the Mathias-Spital Rheine hospital to digitise its image documentation process.

  • Jeroen Bosch Hospital

    Jeroen Bosch Hospital

    Ricoh's Patient Workflow Management enables patients to self-register, allowing visitors easy access to all the logistical details they need for their hospital stay.

Additional services for healthcare

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