Managed Cybersecurity Services

A cost-effective, scalable approach to expert cybersecurity

Managed Cybersecurity Services

Detecting and preventing data breaches and other cybersecurity events is an ongoing, cyclical activity. As threats evolve, IT infrastructures must be aligned with new variables, and new objectives and implementation strategies must be defined. A shortage of qualified cybersecurity personnel only amplifies this challenge.
Cost-effective, round-the-clock cybersecurity 
Our Managed Cybersecurity Services offer a solution to these challenges. Our leading cybersecurity experts monitor and manage cybersecurity for your networks and devices. As your outsourced team, we leverage the tools, expertise, analysis and experience gained from real-world incidents to deliver a scalable, cost-effective approach to round-the-clock cybersecurity. 

Solutions & Services

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)


Reduce response time during a dangerous event

When attempting to breach a network, attackers often have the upper hand as most defences are reactive instead of proactive. A well-distributed SIEM will proactively collect and analyse logs to identify when an attack might be in progress and actively defend against attacks.
Holistic, dynamic intelligence 
Our managed SIEM service monitors, identifies, classifies, verifies and warns you about cybersecurity incidents. It combines multiple technologies to provide holistic and dynamic security-altering intelligence and incident response. 
Compatible, comprehensive SIEM  
Relying on live data feeds from collectors, syslog services, and APIs, the service is compatible with many technologies, including Palo Alto, Trend, Forcepoint, ServiceNow, and Cisco. The service not only automatically generates IT support tickets in the event of a security alert but also performs incident response actions. Our SIEM support includes:
  • Fast remediation 
  • 24/7 response to major critical incidents 
  • High availability of internet portals, dashboards and storage 
  • Incident identification and classification
  • Instant scale to accommodate IMACs (Install, Move, Add, Change for physical devices)
  • Critical event notification in under 15 minutes; medium event in less than one hour
  • Reduce false positive alerts with User Behaviour Analytics
  • Periodical reviews of existing SIEM rules and security alerts
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Firewall and Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)


Restrict outside-in communication and optimise border protection

With so many firewalls to manage, often with different vendor technologies, many businesses struggle with basic firewall management while maintaining the security and integrity of the network perimeter. This is a tough balance to achieve and is compounded when an organisation is spread across several countries with different firewall teams in different time zones.
All network security services converged in a single cloud 
Gartner outlines SASE as the primary method of securing an organisation that has adopted cloud technologies and no longer has a static and clearly defined network perimeter. The concept of SASE is that all network security services converge in a single cloud architecture solution common to all users, regardless of where they are in the world.

24/7/365 security 
Our Firewall and SASE Service provides the expertise to keep your firewall environment running smoothly and securely regardless of location. A highly skilled team of experienced firewall engineers is available 24/7, every day of the year to ensure increased security and reduced risk of intrusion by protecting and managing your internal and external perimeter security and segregation. 
We provide regular reports that show login attempts, changes, updates and all devices’ health status. The solution incorporates:
  • Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN)
  • Security for existing SD-WAN/MPLS implementations with easy upgrade to full mesh SD-WAN anywhere in the world
  • Remote Access Virtual Private Network for all offices and users
  • Zero Trust Network Access for every user
  • Quality of Service Policies
  • DNS Security
  • Secure Web Gateway
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Privileged Access Management (PAM)


Ensure safe access to all corporate information

Without structured, traced and secure access to information, an intruder could access your company’s data. Advanced privileged access management software can secure these assets, but managing and optimising PAM solutions can be complex, resource-consuming and require specialist skills.
Fully managed for full protection 
Focusing on user outcomes and efficient, effective management of PAM software, our fully managed PAM service protects businesses from abuse and misuse of privileged credentials. 
Dedicated team of PAM engineers 
Designed as an alternative to hiring or retraining existing staff, the service comprises a dedicated team of PAM engineers and threat analysts who manage and optimise PAM on your behalf. They help control costs, increase security and reduce risk by protecting and managing critical privileged access environments. 
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Managed Email Security


Minimise the threat of malicious emails

Cybercriminals send malicious emails that contain viruses, malware, spam, phishing attacks and other cybersecurity threats. They’re counting on users to make easy mistakes like clicking on an unsafe link or attachment. Managed email security services can protect your business from unauthorised data breaches, unauthorised access and other email security threats. 
Managed, maintained and monitored email technologies 
Our Managed Email Security Service takes a predictive approach to detecting, analysing and blocking email threats before they reach end-user inboxes. Our IT security experts manage, maintain and monitor your email technologies and apply security strategies that keep your emails safe and free of malicious content. Your staff can then worry less and focus on their core tasks. 
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Managed Antivirus


Optimise antivirus systems across all company devices

Unmanaged antivirus systems allow end-users to enable or disable the antivirus on their PC, which exposes the company to considerable risk. A centrally managed antivirus system ensures that all security precautions required by your organisation are diligently applied. However, this requires highly trained IT staff and management infrastructures. 
The best antivirus solution for your business 
We can support you with our automated Managed Antivirus Service. It ensures that your antivirus is updated, scans as scheduled and that infections are detected, analysed, neutralised and reported immediately. This is a critical step in securing your server, systems, network, and wireless access devices. Based on the requirements and size of your company, we can also help you adopt the best available antivirus solution on the market. 
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