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IT infrastructure services

Customised care for your critical IT infrastructure

IT Infrastructure Solutions & Services

In today’s digital world, your IT infrastructure is the backbone of your organisation. Your business depends on it, but many companies lack up-to-date expertise and coverage for all IT stacks and rely on third parties to address their specific needs. With third parties often not aligned on approach, tools and methods, this can result in an inconsistent experience when problems arise. 
Unleash your full potential 
Ricoh provides efficient, secure and reliable management of your business-critical IT infrastructure – helping you unleash your full potential. 
  • Consolidation, standardisation, automation and virtualisation of systems 
  • Hardware and software solutions 
  • Managed services and consultancy 
A tailored approach supported by our global reach 
We tailor the solution to meet your specific needs – and with our global reach, we offer a consistent approach that adheres to the latest industry standards. Our aim is for you to be comfortable leaving our specialists to manage your IT issues so you can focus on what really matters to your core business. 

Solutions & Services

Virtualisation Service


Optimise and simplify through virtualisation

With data centre energy use increasing rapidly, it has become more important than ever to invest in resources that ensure your IT infrastructure can stay up and running at all times. This is happening while requests to enhance IT support gain further momentum.    
Comprehensive guidance and support 
Virtualisation is a key enabler of the modern IT infrastructure, offering the flexibility you need to support your digital transformation. Our comprehensive and integrated skills, capabilities and best practice guides give you peace of mind as well as the support needed to manage and reduce your downtime risks. 
  • Optimise your infrastructure and energy consumption 
  • Accelerate time to deployment 
  • Migrate legacy apps to fully virtualised environments 
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Server Core Infrastructure, Storage and Management


The right infrastructure solution for your needs

Today, systems need to be available and protected at all times. Capacity and security issues must be proactively identified and resolved before they impact the business. Systems need to be agile and able to respond to shifting priorities and increased demands. This can put your IT teams under pressure when they should be focused on keeping their operations running smoothly.  
Taking a vendor-agnostic approach 
We address your concerns by analysing your specific needs and security requirements to build a tailored infrastructure. With our vendor-agnostic approach, we can support your requirements with specialised engineers, giving you the confidence to store, manage and interpret data regardless of the scale of your operations.  
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Getting the cloud-hybrid mix right

Our guide shows you how to implement the right mix of cloud and hybrid solutions to provide efficient, scalable, and secure infrastructure and services.

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