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Optimise your print infrastructure

Managed Print Services 

With a deluge of print suppliers, service contracts and supply stocks, it takes countless resources and on-hand expertise to efficiently manage a company’s print infrastructure. It costs time, money and often leads to staff frustration and productivity loss. 
Digitalisation your way 
We can manage your print infrastructure for you. Our services empower your employees to create, store and use information more effectively. By automating processes and optimising technology across your information ecosystem, you can reduce cost and waste. 
Consistent across the globe, our tailored services include consultancy, service design, transformation and governance. We take a customer-centric approach to digitalisation, always delivering the technologies that best meet your needs.  
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Solutions & Services

Office Printing


Get the most out of your print investment

Choose from a wide range of our industry-leading printer systems and get the software and services you need to optimise your print ecosystem. With plenty of choices in speed, size and capabilities — and a range of configuration options — you can select from the models and features that work best for your workgroup, office or classroom. 
Improve your print infrastructure
We can manage in-house printing, devices and workflows, so your staff can focus on your business. With an improved print infrastructure and business process resilience, you can save time and money, as well as increase staff productivity by ease-of-use. 
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Cloud Print


Consistency, control, flexibility

Achieve greater print scalability and flexibility with cloud printing. Your IT staff will spend less time on the administration and maintenance of your print ecosystem, allowing them to focus on business-critical tasks.
Evergreen software and security updates  
We provide intelligent digital solutions to maintain remote working, accelerate process automation and develop a resilient cloud infrastructure. By choosing our fully managed, subscription-based service, you get evergreen software updates, cost control, a consistent user experience, document and print security and more.
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Print Room


Improve your document and print workflow efficiency

Turn your print room into a central document and communication hub that drives operational efficiency, new business services and better customer communications. With an optimised document and print workflow, you can gain true visibility into your print costs outside of the office, helping to reduce the cost.
Our experts define the best solution with you 
We work closely with you to establish the best hardware and software for your environment and assist with implementing workflow solutions that reduce labour-intensive processes, bottlenecks and critical business failures. 
Our technical experts can help you source and finance the right print room solutions from third-party suppliers to maximise your investment, creating new opportunities for increased security, compliance, sustainability and revenues. 
  • Reduce uncontrolled print outsourcing and its hidden costs
  • Automate document processes and workflows
  • Connect print and document workflows for hybrid working
  • Reduce print waste and print storage
  • Expand services and revenue opportunities outside of the organisation   
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Print on demand


Print at the point of need to increase speed and efficiency

Increase agility and flexibility with print on demand. With the right printing and workflow solutions you can respond to critical business processes, ensuring quality, speed and flexibility, as well as a reduced reliance on and risk of using external providers.
Control costs, reduce waste and improve security 
We combine the right printing and workflow solutions to streamline your production, communication and document processes. Our print on demand solutions enable simple customisation of documents, allowing all users to create professionally printed documents. With a central print on demand capability, you can control print costs, reduce waste and improve security by preventing sensitive data from leaving the organisation.  
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