Device Management

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Streamline NX®

Device Management

  • Device Manager NX Pro
    Device Manager NX Pro

    Centrally manage and maintain a fleet of up to 5000 document output devices with powerful management and reporting tools

  • Device Manager NX Accounting
    Building skylight and clouds.

    Control the cost of operating your document output resources with automated usage tracking and billing administration.

  • Device Manager NX Enterprise
    Device Manager - Enterprise Thumbnail

    Support unlimited document output devices across international operations with coordinated management and maintenance

  • Printer Driver Packager NX
    Printer Driver Packager NX

    Streamline the configuration and deployment of printer drivers with a centralised editing and packaging platform

  • Streamline NX®
    Man Chart

    Integrated, scalable document management applications and tools that can cut operational costs by up to 40%.

  • @Remote

    Detailed device knowledge and intelligent fleet management.

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