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GHS Label

Ricoh offers printing of compliant GHS labels with outstanding quality and durability for the transportation of chemical and hazardous materials by sea.

GHS is the Globally Harmonised System of classification and labelling of hazardous substances. GHS labels are used to communicate information on the hazards of a specific material, and must meet the British Standard 5609 industry benchmark for certifying durability of labels during marine transit.

Ricoh’s label printing devices can print onto BS-5609 Section 2 compliant label stock. In addition, these printing devices meet Section 3 compliance when paired with compliant label stock, including Herma.

GHS Label
Key features & benefits

Maximum Productivity
Whether you’re in a production line environment requiring fast first print, or a centralised printing environment demanding fast and seamless continuous print, Ricoh has a device to suit your needs.

Outstanding Performance and Greater Flexibility 
Ricoh colour devices enable you to print on demand GHS Labels in colour including company logo, primary display panel graphics and serialisations. Colour printing options eliminates the need for separate pre-printed stock of different pictograms and allows a single label to be printed.
Ricoh devices print chemical resistant labels that will not smudge, run or fade from the impact of water and are durable over long shipping journeys. Ricoh devices can print up to A3 size labels, offering the versatility to print in different fonts and languages - beneficial for businesses aiming to make a global impact. 

A Reliable Support Partner 
Ricoh offers a range of support solutions such as diagnostic tools and remote assistance that can help identify and resolve device issues if they arise, to help you maintain productivity.
In addition to ensuring industry compliance, you can rely on Ricoh devices for outstanding productivity and performance, to keep your production environment operating efficiently.

Key features & benefits
  • BS-5609 compliant
  • Fast first print 
  • Fast and seamless continuous print
  • Versatility to print up to A3 size labels  
  • A range of support solutions

GHS Labelling supported on the following products

  • SP C840DN

    SP C840DN

    With best-in-class finishing choices and rapid colour processing at 40 ppm, the reliable, robust Ricoh SP C840DN delivers professional, premium quality.

  • SP C842DN

    SP C842DN

    High quality, supremely reliable colour processing results are achieved quickly and efficiently at 60 ppm, with the Ricoh SP C842DN A3 colour printer.

  • IM C2500

    IM C2500

    Working quietly in the background, this 25 ppm colour all in one printer efficiently meets all document needs.

  • IM C3000

    IM C3000

    Your very own in-house print bureau, this 30 ppm all in one printer will meet all print and copy requirements.

  • IM C3500

    IM C3500

    Offering versatile functionality and reliable performance, this 35 ppm colour all in one printer really delivers.

  • IM C4500

    IM C4500

    A powerful all-rounder, this productive 45 ppm colour all in one printer ticks all the boxes.

  • IM C6000

    IM C6000

    A true powerhouse, this 60 ppm A3 colour all in one printer delivers outstanding top of the range performance.

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