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Thurgauer Kantonalbank


Modern Workspaces for a Modern Bank

An optimised working environment thanks to Ricoh and LAKE Solutions

As a service-driven company, TKB relies on modern workspace infrastructure. To exploit synergies and ensure sustainable implementation of the project, TKB needed a partner who could efficiently implement the internal processes for the delivery of the workspaces, while ensuring value for money and sustainability, and of course meet the bank’s high security standards. 

TKB was looking for a partner who could manage the entire project as a general contractor and serve as a point of contact for all aspects of the project which included laptops, interactive screens for the meeting rooms and managed print services. To ease the pressure on TKB’s employees, the bank’s management also wanted to outsource the installation of the new hardware and software. Ricoh impressed the decision-makers with its ability to offer a complete package – thanks to its subsidiary LAKE Solutions, Ricoh was also able to supply IT service components such as desktops and laptops.

"With Ricoh taking on the role of general contractor and handling all aspects of the project, we were able to establish an excellent working relationship with all the other partners and successfully master each of the challenges presented by the project."

Curdin Schenkel, Head of Workplace & Service Desk, Thurgauer Kantonalbank

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