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Expense management

The Ricoh Expenses solution helps to reduce your administration time and cut your document storage and printing costs by providing a fast, cost-efficient alternative to time-consuming manual processes.

Documents are captured via a multifunctional device and indexed as you go so that they can easily be searched and retrieved from your secure central digital repository. The claims process is then tracked and approvals can be automated. The solution offers secure remote access to the repository, so expenses can be reviewed and approved from a variety of locations.

The entire process is streamlined, and with document access security and accurate indexing and tracking, you are provided with a clear audit trail that aids regulatory compliance.

Key features & benefits

Ricoh’s Expenses solution saves you time and money with fast electronic processing of expenses.

Our solution can help you:

Reduce administration time and costs

  • Automated document capture and fast routing to secure, searchable electronic storage accelerates expenses processing
  • Metadata capture and barcode reading can be automated with Optical Character Recognition and multifunction devices
  • Paper receipts, electronic statements and forms are all integrated into the digital workflow to speed up claims processing

Improve your processes

  • Easy tracking, triggered reminders and visibility of expense claim status saves time and helps administrators to monitor and manage electronic approvals
  • Instant electronic access allows managers to approve documents remotely and move them between secure electronic folders, reducing time and effort

Simplify compliance

  •  Secure access and transparent audit trails allow for an optimised approach to legal compliance, tax classification, budget allocation and tracking

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