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Customer Services

These days, good customer service often relies on having quick access to accurate information. However, with so many different documents in a variety of formats distributed throughout an organisation, staff can spend hours searching for what they need. This is both wasteful in terms of time and frustrating for customers who are left waiting for assistance.

Ricoh’s Customer Services solution provides businesses with a centralised digital document repository that supports over 300 different file types. Documents are quickly captured, indexed and stored and the most current information is immediately ready for use. Customer service teams are then in a position to respond quickly and accurately with up to date information.

Beyond the efficiency and customer service advantages, this paperless solution helps businesses improve document security, compliance and green credentials. Time is saved on manual indexing and accuracy is improved. Documents are easy to annotate before being moved to secure electronic folders, and processes are transparent and easy to audit.

Key features & benefits

Ricoh’s Customer Services solution lets businesses spend less time looking for information so that they can spend more time looking after their customers.

Our solution will help you:

  • Enhance customer service with up to date easy to access information
  • Ensure customer confidentiality through Role Based Security that manages document access
  • Increase efficiency with quick access to customer information through a centralised digital repository
  • Save time on manual indexing with Optical Character Recognition
  • Retrieve the correct documents quickly through an easy to search indexed format
  • Improve compliance with transparent audit trails and check-in / check-out version control to ensure that only current documents are referenced

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