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Accounts receivable - archiving

For many businesses, the information contained in an invoice is drawn from a number of sources within the organisation, and customer-facing staff often have an incomplete view of the invoice the customer receives.

Ricoh’s easy to use Accounts Receivable Archiving solution lets you capture digital images of the printed invoice so that you have a precise mirror of those sent to your customer. Digital versions of the final invoice are then indexed and stored in a central archive so that service staff have easy access to the documents if they need to answer customer questions.

The solution is secure and only authorised employees have access to this customer view.

Key features & benefits

Ricoh’s Accounts Receivable Archiving solution centralises your invoice archiving so that you can deal with customer invoice queries quickly and efficiently.

This service allows you to:

  • Offer enhanced customer service by having a precise reference of the invoice sent to the customer to hand
  • Save time on access and retrieval from the centralised digital repository with its powerful search capabilities
  • Ensure customer confidentiality with role-based security that manages document access
  • Improve compliance with check-in / check-out document version management, which ensures that only the most recent documents are referenced
  • Follow a clear audit trail for reporting
  • Boost productivity with the optional web access module that allows you to securely view documents from remote locations

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