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Recycling goes far beyond taking back empty cartridges!

our earth, our tomorrow...

The global commitment to reduce environmental impact is an integral part in everyday business for RICOH. Our Group is continually researching for new opportunities in the product lifecycle, not only for the recycling of used toner and cartridges. Already during the design and development of new products we set a high value on the use of environmentally friendly materials.

The recycling of cartridges and drum units is just a small but equally important step for proper disposal.

...together we can make the difference

Help us to enforce our engagement in this important part of recycling and be a part in saving the environment.

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What kind of possibilities are there for you?

For further informations about our recycling programm please contact



  • Postage free mailing labels for individual items (up to 2 kg) or small collective shipments (up to 4 toner)

  • RICOH Recylingbox (up to 20 toner) - order & pick-up order

2. Address label for free return of toner -  30kg / max. circumference: 400cm (height * 2 + 2 * width + longest side)

Recycling palette 


  • Frame range for toner collection (from 20 toner) - order and pick-up order

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Contact information for supplies and papers

Phone: 0844 860 860
Fax: 0844 860 861


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More information about our recycling program

Quality & Environment
Hertistrasse 2
8304 Wallisellen

Telefon: 0844 360 360
Fax: 0844 360 361

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